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My name is Premchand Jayamohan (call me Prem).I was born in Chennai(Madras), India, spent most of my early years there at Tambaram. I did my schooling at Christ King Primary School and MCCHSS(Madras Christian College Higher Secondary School, Chetput). I did my bachelors from PSG College of Technology. , Coimbatore, in Electrical Engineering, and finished my M.S in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Clarkson University. , Potsdam, NY. I got married to my beautiful and loving wife, Preeti in the summer of 1999. Here. are our engagement and wedding pictures. Of all the people who have made a lasting impact on my life, there is one special person to whom I owe it all. It is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Who saved me from a life of sin, and showed me the real purpose in life. Click here. if you would like to know more on what it means to be saved. My hobbies include playing around with computers, music (Call me whatever you want, but my favorite is Classical music), playing the piano, reading and working outů..